Police Academy Cadets in D.C. For National Police Week

This week, he Police Academy Cadets traveled to Washington DC for National Police Week. Thirteen of our senior Police Academy cadets fund-raised for the trip and are being escorted by Mrs. Garcia, Mr. Ethington, and Ms. Cayen.

The group has gone to the Washington Monument, Lincoln Monument, the White House, the National Archives, The Smithsonian Natural History Museum, The Space Museum, The American Indian Museum, the World War I and World War II Memorials. While at the World War II Memorial, we ran into over 100 war veterans who were flown there by a nonprofit so they could see the memorial and be honored. It was a heart felt experience by all.

As officers pour into the city, we are going to tour the Pentagon and Holocaust Museums, and then go to the Jefferson Museum tonight. Tomorrow we will connect with the LAPD Cadre and join them in a VIP tour of Arlington Cemetery and lay a wreath on the grave of one of their fallen officers who served in the military and department. Together, we will all gather for the Candlelight vigil that takes place tomorrow evening at the National Law Enforcement Memorial.